Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our Feature on EXploziv

Hello, all!

It has been a looonnggg time I know. But I am back for a quick post. This time just to share a link to the story that was made about our family for the show, Exploziv before I even forget to blog it.

Exploziv, is something like a counterpart of "Balitang K" or "Pipol". They feature real people leading interesting lives I suppose, and really I don't know the reason why we were picked for this, except for the fact that I am from Manila. This is not the first time that we have been featured on TV (hehe), but this is my  favorite, just 'cause Lili is a big part of this. And me and Ivan, though always hesitant to do something like this, this time we did it for Lili (our past features were always just us), & besides the fact that it is great marketing for our work (as they initially called us to feature our photography).

Anyway, enough of blah blah, the narration is in Serbian... we were introduced as photographers who mostly do weddings in Serbia, and how us being partners in real life helps us connect with our clients, as they find us comfortable to work with most of the time... Obviously, it was mentioned that we met on a ship, and later on decided to come to Uzice to settle.

They also asked me about my first experience of winter, and so I spoke about my "nightmare" last year when Serbia experienced its worst winter in 30 years, and I happened to be here, haha!

Then you will see photos from our "DIY" wedding last year, some of our work, and a few other things were discussed like how locals here sometimes mistake me as a "gypsie" or from China, or how Ivan's family has accepted me over here, how her mom loves me and is learning English because of me, and how my family likes him as well.

Later on, they described how I have adjusted to living here, and of course they had to hear me talk in Serbian so the few phrases or words that I know I had to showcase :)

Watch Lili dance with us at the end, well, just watch Lili and ignore us, haha.. That's our routine everyday, dancing for 30minutes - 1 hour and her most favorite song is Mambo number 5 (YEAH, YEAH so old school but believe me that is her favorite), as you will see :)

So, there.. if you have time, click on the link, and then click on the second/middle thumbnail to view our episode. I heard that it cannot be viewed on mobile by the way. ENJOY :D