Saturday, March 2, 2013

My dear Lilica

My love, I look at you and I still cannot believe that we have you. Everyday, your father and I we always feel grateful for your arrival. We talk about you day and night, night and day... we like doing so many things, but perhaps our most favorite is to play with you. To just be with you.

You are already quite a handful these days, you take most of our energy, I tell you, but I like getting lost with you. When I hold you in my arms, my thoughts turn from surreal to vivid, sometimes I cannot tell the difference.

Every home has its magical stories. Every family is different. Our way of life may not be the usual. But we try to provide you the best. No TV. Lots of touching. Lots of snuggling. Lots of cuddling. Lots of dancing. Lots of walking day and night, night and day. Whether it's cold or warm. Out in the town. Out in the fields. In the nature. With our friends. With just me. With just your Tata. With just your deda (grandfather). With just your baba (grandmother).

Sometimes, when I see you bigger than you used to be, I break a little.

Time flies by so fast. But when we dream of the days and years coming, with you, we are our happiest. 

You are you, and we love you so much. Just watching you grow takes me to different places. You are full of wonder and beauty.

Everyday, I always say I need a break from all these, but one single minute that you're not in my arms, I am already feeling useless. We were definitely made to take care of you. To nurture you. To love you. 

Keep growing, my love. 

You are lovely. You are beautiful.

You are mom's little sugar.

You are your Tata's little sweetheart.

AND Thank you for coming into our lives.