Friday, October 26, 2012

Brown and Fur.

All bundled up, restricted by clothing... but loving it!

Brown leggings from Bershka that I mixed up with my 80% wool stripes long-sleeves, accentuated with my mom's belt from the 90s (I raided her closet before leaving Manila last year, and brought with me some stuff that now I can call vintage) and NewYorker fur jacket that I purchased last year. I am temporarily brushing off colorful summer/fall vibes; it's more classic and tame this time. The pair of boots is a happy addition to my wardrobe, just the perfect transition piece from fall to winter. And though I usually don't like wearing anything one color from top to bottom, this time I chose to be simple.

We also did this shoot at the main square while walking our daughter (who is now 2 months old, WOHOOO). She fell asleep even before getting there giving us enough time to shoot. She is, of course our priority so when she is up, it leaves me no time to do anything for myself. But, I'm glad we managed a decent shoot outside our home yesterday.

This top, though not my exactly style, I bought it recently for comfort. My husband loves the color and as he puts it, the red in the stripes gives me a glow that I lack in my face, especially that I am tan and brown. It's 80% wool and at 14 deg. C, I was perfectly warm! I was wearing just this and was not freezing, would you believe? Notice that it's a little loose, thus the use of the belt.

(These kids were watching me at one point so I asked for a photo with them after feeling weird. They were so nice and sweet. )

At 6pm, it was almost dark and more cold, so I put on this wool scarf that my father-in-law gave me last year. It's handmade wool and was a simple statement twist to my brown and gray scheme.

Today it's sunny but forecast says that a little snow can be expected over the weekend. Check back in a couple of days as I update my winter boots! I welcome any tips and suggestions as I picked the wrong style last year.




Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Malaga, Spain

Love at first sight -- that's how I felt the first time I have been in Malaga. It's posh, without trying. The streets are mostly clean, not too touristic but buzzing with energy. A lot of Picasso cars are seen here and there, because the famous painter Pablo Picasso was born here.
 People who like to travel but are not so much about being in a crowd of people will love Malaga. The vibe is not attention-seeking, but it's a gem.
(Even alleys with writings on the wall look interesting to my sight)
(I took a photo of this beer, thinking it was the same famous Filipino beer brand that we have, but I was wrong)
 Only once I have been here, with Ivan, where we were photographed by our friend, Harshendra from India. All three of us worked together on our last ship. Here are some snaps from that session.

My judgement is that Malaga is a must place to visit. It has very warm winters making it a great destination for everyone, anytime of the year. I wish that I could share a more in-depth look into Malaga, with highlights and myths but I have only been here once. And though it's not my grandest desire at the moment to travel (I have not abandoned the thought you know), I will not think twice to see this place again in the future. Maybe then, I could write more...
 For now, I shall only look and back and reminisce!




Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekend with the Kis family

Last weekend was many, many things.

It was our turn to visit the Kis family in Belgrade. As some of you may not know, we share the same story; father is Serbian, mother is Filipina; they are blessed too with a daughter like us; both parents used to work for ships as photographers and have decided to settle in Serbia. Yes, we are that kind of family... Interesting, huh?

It was a warm welcome into their home. Asian music was playing, their living room was cozy, and the kitchen was smelling so good!

(They served us homemade Chinese food straight from their Serbian kitchen)
(Ivan & I, the day after. Vladimir prepared ramen & spring rolls for breakfast.. Oooh, the joys of eating)

We went around Belgrade on Friday. That day went by so fast, as 2 children were with us (there were no photos, unfortunately) but it was a great time to catch up. The rest of the day at home I spent with Adele talking about the joys and challenges of parenthood while eating our favorite filipino dish- adobo. 

(Father and daughter; daughter is now 15 months old)

(Sofi being dolled up by her Tata. Isn't she gorgeous?)

It was tough traveling to Belgrade from Uzice (a little more than 3 hrs of driving) with a newborn but it was worth it; a great time to blow off steam after weeks of stress from delivering and caring for the baby. 

 This time, it was not even about us (the parents reuniting), but I guess more of, for the 2 sisters... to finally meet.

(We are so blessed with these 2 girls. Somebody, pinch me please 'cause sometimes, I can't believe that I already have a daughter. And I'm so glad that we have the Kis family to share this same feeling of being this kind of family in this land.)

Lili, is almost 2 months, still very babyish of course. We love her little sweet hands and feet, she gives us those sweet smiles every now and then. She's amazing yet very demanding, but we love her as she is. 

Sofi, is now 1 year and 3 months. She is a darling, to everybody. Far from the quiet girl that we have first met in June.

(It was so cool to see Sofi kissing Lili as we were leaving.)

Just like the saying, it was a short & sweet meeting. Second day we spent going to Chinatown for a "little" shopping. And when it was time to go... we felt a bit sad...

(Let's record this moment as you two, kids, are growing up so fast)
(Mom & daughter. Pure bliss, right?)
(My little one having a "chat" with Tita Adele. Loves how attentive she is here.)
(Tita sending off Lili w/ a kiss)

We were all crashed hard after this trip but it was definitely delightful. Right now, we are back in Uzice, enjoying the weather transformation, taking it easy day by day, watching Lili grow, loving her more and more. 

Sometimes, things are just good.  



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Denim on Denim

(Bargain denim skirt <that I altered for my size 2 years ago>, bargain red & blue top from Uzice, Guess denim sleeveless jacket and Mossimo lowcut boots, and bracelets from Turkey)

Denims are always in fashion. I used to live in them, perhaps was slightly obsessed with them, until I discovered skirts and dresses. All my friends, including myself owned dozens of Levi's and Guess jeans back when we were teens. Really, we all did. I am no hipster but I think it's the coolest piece of clothing one can have! It's one of those things that you will wear not because they are in style, but because you are so comfy with it. Agree?

Denim on denim is quite tricky,  but the great thing about fashion these days is that anything goes as long it suits you. And on a regular sunny fall day like today, a double denim look won't look as bad. To create a neutral look, I decided to pair it with my red and blue 3/4 top, that I scored for around 5 euros here in Uzice 2 summers ago. The Mossimo boots, the boots that stayed with me all these time despite all the seasonal changes, I purchased in Belize also for 5 euros. 

Denim on denim-- not the most fashionable, 
but could be a playful mix.

HOW about YOU? What do you add to make your denim look fresh?




Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Valerija - mlada i lepa (Valerie, the young & the beautiful)

Long, beautiful, confident.
Interesting and witty -- and with such talents I assure you!
She isn't only a pretty face.
An artist (she majored Painting in University)
and a Photographer.

If not on a cruise ship working, she explores Asia and backpacks. A true traveler, or maybe a modern nomad?

I caught up with her & she shared me her style secrets.

Valerie Dizon, from the Philippines.

My first feature from my homeland. 




Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jesen je stigla (Autumn is here)

(Bargain top and belt, Zara skirt, NewYorker shoes & printed scarf, accessories from Manila)

From our home! The (strange) transition from summer to autumn is slowly happening now. Sometimes, it can be too much but the best part is being able to wear whatever the hell you want. Bright colors are for spring, yes, but autumn outfits they don't need to be necessarily dark and boring just because, right? Makers of scarves-- you are all geniuses! So today, my family and I, we went out for a short walk, & we loved the weather. I put on some of my favorite summer pieces and broke the vibe by recycling a bit. 
An oldie turned into a goodie.