Monday, January 21, 2013

The biggest blessing

Let me go back on Christmas Day 2011. That day when everything made sense to me. It was in Budapest, Hungary that we found out the happy news that we were pregnant.

On board the train to Budapest a few days before Christmas, I remember I was mostly in absolute silence feeling pangs of melancholy. I was in a foreign country but my mind and heart were not with me. Ivan told me that it could only be holiday blues, being so far away from my family. Then, a thought came to me one night, that if I was feeling that way, what possibly could make me happy. I heard only one answer from my heart, and that was to be blessed with a child.

Morning of December 25 we decided to check if I was pregnant, and when finally the result showed positive, the joyful news could not stop us from sobbing. A huge part of me was reborn at that moment, I felt that those days of sadness could be actually compared to a "season" of mourning of wasted time passing, "times" of wild freedom and ugly things because rebirth was forthcoming, and things can only get better. 

And then seasons changed.

And then our little angel, LILI was born. 

All the moments of pain, of suffering and doubts before that were replaced by everything beautiful. Our LIFE had more meaning. We are more complete. 

She is almost 5 months now. Beautiful and perfect.

And we have not been the same since. 

It has been a wonderful 2012. We were definitely surrounded by lots of helpful people and I am still amazed by the amount of guidance we got from our family & friends. 

 My heart is full from gratitude, up to this day. Those 9 months during my pregnancy I was treated like a local resident with unlimited number of checkups, tests and medicines. 3 doctors looked after me and my delivery was flawless without any charges.  I couldn't be in any better place during my pregnancy than Serbia.

And this year we pray for a better and exciting year filled with lots of fun adventures. We are hopeful for bigger and greater things, and we wish everybody the best of everything. 

Thank you for spending time in our world.

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