Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Me. Different Day.

It's been a while for some dutiful outfit posts, so what I did during testshots with hubby, was wear some fine ensembles so I could put them up one day (& that day is today) on this blog.

This time I am posting only 3 photos.

All Pink!
 Torn jeans purchased from a China shop here in Uzice. Pink long sleeves is a Zisuki Collection (80% wool), pink infinity scarf from Bershka, and brown low cut boots with stripe details. 

Photo was taken with my daughter one fine day a few weeks ago.
Gray with a hint of yellow.
Gray with lace top from NewYorker, gray Zara jacket, black tights, and yellow scarf. I know that yellow is not a popular color for winter but sometimes it is odd to wear just all-gray so I added this scarf for a little versatility. We all need that burst of color during this time of the year, right?

AND It's true what they say: Everything is a bit better with colors.

White still works.
Brown & gray long-sleeve top from Legend (a Serbian brand), a pair of white pants from Manila, a brown cardigan that is 100% wool, and my favorite faux fur vest from NewYorker. I like this outfit the best, not that I am quite analytical on how I have put my stuff together, but because when I dress up it's totally random, this last look I find well-balanced. 


Lastly, returning to my quest for winter shoes... I finally found 2 after months of search. 'Just thought for now that I would share the photos and If I get the chance, I will create some outfit posts.

This pair is a Chinese brand. About 18 euros and the comfiest thing ever!!! So far, this is my most favorite shoes! Just 'cause it's waaaaaaaaay toooo good!
This pair is a Weinbrenner in lilac. About 65 euros. Cheaper than the rest I have seen, since this is the biggest size in the junior section.  This, I hope, will save my feet during the worst of winter.

Autumn may be at its end, it is getting colder day by day where we are. Days are getting shorter, and it gets dark by 4pm :( sadly! My crazy days and weeks are failing me miserably from posting here often, but hey, let's see... I hope you are all well. To my friends in Manila, I miss our all-year hot weather & I hope you could send me some sunshine. 

Much love,


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